Dear Mr/Mrs,

my name is Victor Buldakov, I'm a student at Kostroma State
Technological University, Russia.
I would like to take part in "Google Summer Of Code-2011" with a
project on GNOME project .

I have an idea to use Symbian mobile phone camera as a webcam.
This project includes two constituents: a phone-"server"(C++ or
Python) and Linux-client (???, V4L2, OpenCV).
 Linux-part will be universal, so in the future it will be easily
supported on any android/iphone/maemo/etc phone.
It could be  useful to connect phone by USB or Bluetooth.

I think that Gnome desktop enviroment is very ergonomic and
convinient, and I would like to make it more applicable that's why I
would like to cooperate with you and to work on my project under the
aegis of your company.

I have worked with svn/git, Python, pyS60, C++ and have been using
Gnome for 3 years. I think that all that experience and skills will
be useful in the development of the project.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Sincerely yours,

Victor Buldakov

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