GVFS AFP Backend - Weekly Report 02-03


These past two weeks I've been working on user login and password
authentication using the Diffie-Hellman key exchange method. To do this
I first had to decide upon a crypto library to use for
encryption/decryption. Since gnome-keyring and other gnome modules use
libgcrypt and it also includes handy utilities for MPI numbers the
choice fell upon libgcrypt.
I've also been working on splitting out common code relating to server
login resulting in a new class GVfsAfpServer. This class is then used in
the two backends GVfsBackendAfp and GVfsBackendAfpBrowse. The first
being used for operations on AFP volumes and the latter for listing
volumes on an AFP server.
Since we know have two backends for accessing afp:// URIs it was also
necessary to write an UriMapper for AFP to be able to match an URI with
the correct backend, this code was heavily based on the SMB UriMapper.

During the next week I'll be working on implementing basic file
navigation and info querying. If this goes smooth I'll also try to
implement file reading.


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