Telepathy/Empathy OTR support -- Weekly Report 02

This week a lot more has been discussed over the Telepathy API. Is
really motivating to see how much the community wants to help with
ideas and suggestions so we can have the best possible result. After a
lot of thoughtful messages, I've managed to write down a (hopefully)
final draft in the telepathy-spec XML format and I'm waiting for it to
be reviewed so it can be integrated upstream into telepathy-spec.

The spec HTML can be found at and a
sketch (made with an awesome WYSIWYG drawing tool) of a simplified
version of the protocol state machine, which is going to be exposed to
telepathy clients, can be found at

I'm one week behind the planned schedule, but starting this week I'll
have more time to dedicate to the project, so I'll be able to catch-up
with the initial planning.

João Paulo Rechi Vita

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