GVFS AFP Backend - Weekly Report 02

Hello all,

During this week I've been further coding on server login and volume
mounting. In it's current state the backend is capable of logging in to
the server using anonymous login and then list the available volumes on
the server. I've also discovered that I have to create two backends, one
for listing volumes on a server and one for doing the real stuff when
you've mountet a volume.

The biggest issue I've had during the week was that the afp command for
getting server info doesn't seem to be working like the other commands.
Instead you have to send a specific DsiGetStatus command which the
server will answer and then tear down the connection. This had me
perplexed for a long time.

Next week I'll be trying to get authentication using the
"Diffie-Hellman" and Diffie-Hellman 2" key exchange methods working.
I'll also be splitting the backend into two trying to share as much code
as possible.

best regards,

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