GVFS AFP Backend - Weekly Report 8-9

Good evening!

In the past two weeks I've further enhanced the replace support by
fixing how the temporary files was created and adding the ability to use
replace where we don't have write access to the parent directory. The
temporary filenames are now given a random name and in case of conflict
we try with another name. To support replace on files where we can't
create a temporary file, we now directly write to the existing file and
then set the file's size to the size of the data we have written. This
mode of operation is not atomic unlike the default behaviour but is
unfortunately the best we can do.

Other things done:
      * Added support for getting the unix privileges of files if
        they're available.
      * Converted all asynchronous apis to use the GIO style using
      * Implemented query_fs_info for getting filesystem info.
      * Fixed bug where we stopped the send loop when we sent back a
        DsiTickle message to the server.

During the next week I'll try to implement file and directory move/copy
using the specialized AFP apis so that the data doesn't unnecessarily
have to go back and forth through the client.


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