GTG & liblarch - Week report #09

Hello fellow GSoCers and mentors!

The next week has passed. I worked on allowing to use LibLarch withing multiple threads.

The use case is: You have several backends which stores your tasks, e.g. in XML file, or bugs from Bugzilla or Launchpad. Those backends can be very slow and therefore they run in separate thread. also there is GUI where you can add your own tasks.

In the past, there were many Segmentation Faults created by improper synchronization. I've implement algorithm which cache request for adding tasks and once in a while process all of those requests just in one thread. This helps preventing those Segmentation Faults.

The next week I will spend by integrating LibLarch back into GTG trunk and debugging integration problems. The another task will be prepared my lightning talk for meet-up at the desktop summit.

Have a nice week,

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