Weekly Work Summary- Week 9

Onscreen Keyboard- Weekly Report 09

For this week I have been working on perfecting the hiding/showing of the onscreen keyboard. All week I've been working on temp branches because getting the keyboard to tween exactly the way I wanted turned out to be harder than I'd thought. However, a couple of hours ago, I just pushed a much cleaner version of the hide/show option in the keyboard in which the message tray is also configured correctly (so that it doesn't show behind the keyboard). In addition, to this I pushed out a temporary patch for Caribou. Florian had been saying that if a layout was not supported in Caribou there was an IO error, which is exactly what Eitan had intended it to do originally. With Caribou plugged into the GNOME shell keyboard, however, this became a problem because it took the window manager with it. So, my fix sets the default layout to be US for all non-supported layouts (which are the majority of them at the moment). Keep in mind that the virtual layout does not affect the hardware keyboard layout. In addition to this, the gray-out button also works (thanks Dan and Florian).

I am on schedule having figured out the hiding/showing of the keyboard and the proper message tray positioning over the keyboard. So, what I have planned for next week is to start looking into making the keyboard generate faster. I took a little while today debugging the code to see where exactly it was spending the most time. It seems that generating the Caribou keyboard takes a good chunk of the overall time, while the keyboard keys getting added to the layout take up another chunk. So, we'll have to figure out a way to optimize the time taken to build the keyboard (even though, it's looking a bit all over the place right now).

I learned some cool tricks again this week, including:

St.set_slow_down_factor(10) in Looking Glass – slows down animation during that session.

let variable = new Date(); – gives you the current time, good for debugging


Nohemi Fernandez

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