Weekly report 8 - Porting Jokosher from Gtk+2/PyGtk to Gtk+3/PyGI

Hi there!

With rather big delay regular report about my GSoC project. Midterms
are past now, and so I'm back to porting Jokosher. Most of GTK stuff
seems to be ported for now. However, while trying to get waveform
drawing work, I encountered problems with Gstreamer elements (gst gets
sound levels for Jokosher to draw waveform from). With bigger digging
I discovered that PyGI doesn't work well with pygst - in fact, it
warns about serious errors and even segfaults. So I have only way
forward - porting Gstreamer stuff over PyGI as planned. It will be
quite hard and definitely fun and exciting. This will be aim for the
rest of project time.

Code, as usual, can be pulled from
See more detailed information about fixed bugs and actual diffs for
each commit. You can also follow my porting bug list here


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