Weekly report 7 - Porting Jokosher from Gtk+2/PyGtk to Gtk+3/PyGI

Hi everyone!

Last week was productive as planned. I continued work on porting over
Gtk+ stuff. Again, mostly method name changes and need for additional
parameters. Now I can open Instrument Effects dialog, add/remove
effects, move them up and them along the chain, change effect
properties. Also instrument input connection dialog works, however it
doesn't show up and hangs up Jokosher when using few recording systems
like PulseAudio (but it works for ALSA). I have several small issues
left which need more detailed fixes, but most of GTK+ code seems to be

Last big GUI thing I have left for second half for project is waveform
drawing. Mysteriously it doesn't work while don't giving any hints why
(t.i. no error messages, debugging messages indicating that methods
are called properly showing up, etc.). It is large piece of Cairo code
and I will it take some time to investigate the issue. Also I plan to
move from pygst to pygi which will be very interesting, difficult and

You can check out the code here:
You can also follow my commits for each problem I solved.

I also plan to publish my notes of porting problems and their fixes so
far this week.

Peteris Krisjanis.

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