Telepathy / Empathy OTR Support -- Weekly Report 07

First of all, sorry for not sending report number 06. I was on FISL
during that week. I couldn't find the time to write it, and haven't
worked on gsoc there either, as was already planned on my schedule.
So, there is goes an mini-report-number-six, embedded on the current
one: there was a cool gsoc meetup there, where I got the opportunity
to meet a bunch of other gsoc'ers from other projects and years, and
our beloved carols. Besides that, I've also been to the gnome-br
community meeting , where I met Vinicius Depizzol (another brazilian
gsoc student) and could connect other #gnome-br nicks to faces.

Now stepping into what really matters, this has been a very busy week.
After finally getting rid of other activities that were compromising
my time, I've managed to get some stuff done. I'm currently able to
intercept outgoing and incoming messages inside gabble and process
them with libotr functions. With these functions I'm checking if
they're only OTR signaling / control messages (not displaying them to
user), whether or not they're encrypted, if it's ok to send them as
plaintext in case they're not encrypted, if we need to signalize a new
OTR session request, among other things.

Besides that, with a very helpful and long message from wjt, I managed
to write the missing pieces to implement the D-Bus interfaces planned
back on the community bounding period. Next step will be to write the
glue code to integrate the D-Bus method with the otr functions, and
make the otr code use the D-Bus properties to define it's policies
(default policies are being used at the moment). Right now I'm writing
a few callbacks to provide libotr access to some gabble features and

As a side note, I've also booked my flight to the Desktop Summit (blog
post on the way), hope to see you all there!

João Paulo Rechi Vita

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