lightning talk session at the Desktop Summit

Heya GNOME and KDE students :)

As you probably know we'll have a lightning talk session at the
Desktop Summit in Berlin next month where students from GNOME and KDE
can present their work. I (KDE GSoC admin) just had a longer chat with
Ruben (GNOME GSoC admin) to clarify some details:
- Ruben or I will give a very short intro at the beginning and then
the stage is yours.
- Everyone gets 2 or 3 minutes to present their work. That is really
not much but given the number of students we have that is all we can
give. This is a hard deadline to give as many of you a chance to
present as reasonably possible.
- Everyone should have a slide with their name and project on it. We
will send a template later that you can use when it is ready. You can
have more slides but it's probably best to stick to this and use your
time with talking instead of changing slides
- These slides should all be in one deck so we don't have to switch
between slidedecks. If you send them a few days early I'd totally love
you and will put them all together.
- Everything will be done on one presentation machine. If you need
anything special let Ruben or me know asap so we can make sure we have
- We will alternate between KDE and GNOME talks.

Your next steps are:
- Think about what you want to tell the audience. Can you wow the
audience with something?
- Prepare anything you need for the show.
- Practice :)

We asked a while ago who'd be at the Desktop Summit. Please let us
know asap if the info we have is no longer correct. We'd like to know
who will give a talk so we know how much time each of you can get

If you have any questions let us know. If you need help with your talk
preparation we and your mentor can help you.


Lydia Pintscher
KDE Community Working Group member -

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