Weekly Work Summary- Week 6

Onscreen Keyboard- Weekly Report 06

After this past week of coding I have successfully integrated several new components into the keyboard. There is now a working message tray icon that hides/shows the message tray when pressed. I resolved this into the master branch earlier today after going through what seemed like a method full of boolean statements to find the one missing boolean from the group. I also added the positioning code, which is now in the gtk3-demo code and can be tested with Alt+F2 “env GTK_IM_MODULE=caribou gtk3-demo”. There are still some issues with properly hiding/showing the keyboard, but the positioning works so that if the user is typing at the bottom of the screen the keyboard will position itself above the typing area and if it is on top of the screen it will move to the top. I also sent in a couple of Caribou patches, and after receiving the latest from Eitan I will start integrating my code with his newest releases this upcoming week.

Since I hadn't planned much for this week, except for some fixes to the keyboard display and general workabouts, I think I did well in terms of scheduling. Dan says that for now I will mostly be debugging and doing general clean-up of the code. To me this means that the fullscale layout will be cleaned up to get rid of the giant gaps in its display, the Caribou positioning code will be integrated into the current keyboard, and other general bugs/patches that need to be fixed will be done. Since, this week seemed to go quite smoothly in terms of getting work done on time I expect the same will come of this upcoming week. Although, I will be traveling for most of it I really will try to meet the above goals.

The helpful hint of the week is to use git rebase whenever possible. It makes one continuous stream of code updates rather than the back and forth patchwork that git merge does. I was aware of this option before, but I hadn't really used it until Dan pointed it out this week. Really great!



Nohemi Fernandez

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