Re: Layout Manager for Nemiver - Weekly Report 13


Fabien Parent <parent f gmail com> a écrit:

> For this final week, I finally fixed the bug I was facing since the
> week 11 [1].


> I fixed it and updated my gtk2 + gtk3 patches and sent one of them for
> review.


> I also updated the patch adding a contextual menu to the target
> terminal from an old review and sent it also to my mentor for review.

For the record, I have reviewed and approved that patch set to be
committed in the master branch of the project.  Thus the Nemiver
debugger now supports multiple different graphical layouts (arrangements
of graphical widgets) , so that the user can choose the best one that
fits its needs.  And if none of them fits, the code base is ready to
easily add a new layout.

This is IMHO a great achievement that provides a visible and demanded
feature to our users and enhances the modularity of the code base.  This
work has also helped to clean things up by re-factoring and removing

> I enjoyed very much working on nemiver during this GSoC and I would
> like to thank GNOME for accepting my proposal and I would also like to
> thank my mentor Dodji Seketeli, who was a great help to succeed this
> GSoC.

Thank you, this was mutual.

> Even if this GSoC is over, I plan to continue to send patches to
> nemiver.

I am looking forward to reviewing those.  :-)


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