GSoC Final-Survey

Dear GSoC-Students 2011,

First of all, thanks to all of you who answered my first GSoC-questionnaire a month ago. Your answers help me a lot with my research.

I hope you enjoyed your Google Summer of Code at GNOME and you all succeeded in you individual coding-projects. As you might remember, I am a research assistant at the chair for Information Systems and Services at Bamberg University. In my research I analyze factors that drive FLOSS-developers to contribute. Therefore, I am analyzing currently together with Ruben motivational and environmental factors which are especially relevant for GSoC-students. Because the best way to find about these factors is to survey the people who are concerned, I would like to take the chance and ask you to answer the questionnaire linked below. Like the last time the questionnaire is 4 pages long and is structured into the 3 sections “Your motivation”, “Your experience” and “You conclusion”. I would greatly appreciate if you could take 10 minutes (I promise it won’t take longer) and answer the questions until August 31. Your answers would allow me to see if and how developers’ motivational and environmental drivers change during GSoC.

The questionnaire is designed to offer you the highest level of anonymity, so please answer honestly. Because the questionnaire is publicly available, I have to ensure that only GSoC-students of this year participate in the survey. Hence, you are asked at the beginning of the questionnaire to enter your KDE-username. I assure you that I will never give your personal answers to anyone of GNOME nor to anyone else. Ruben provided me already with the IDs of all GSoC-students of this year, so I will check the validity all myself. Further, I guarantee you that your answers will have no effect at any time on your evaluation results or your GSoC-stipends.

Please find the questionnaire under this link:

Finally, I would like to wish all of you the best for your future and your time at GNOME.

Thank you


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