Last report, Getting things gnome - implementing search functionality

Hi all,

Guess this will be my final report regarding Summer of code. It's been a great experience and its good to be able to say that after 3 months of work it's done. I'm happy to say that it's mostly done, some of the things proposed back at March ended up not being doable, some details probably will be changed after merging and, as always, there's bound to be some bugs i did not foresee.

In the end, I'm happy with the results, GTG has a new search feature that is both functional and extendable, serving as instant filter with the option to save them as custom views. Along the way there was many ideas and interface elements dropped that just didn't work well.

Tomorrow I'm merging my branch with izidor's, so lets hope all goes smooth and that we can see how user like the new changes. From now on, its continuing to contribute to GTG, start planing future improvements and enjoy the opportunity GSOC has given to really be part of a community.

I'll be updating my page tomorrow too, so check for more details on the project.

João Ascenso

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