Last two weeks of GSoC

After the Desktop Summit I've been involved with this.
Got some help from seb for anjuta api and also from aruiz with gtk.

But I got stuck again. This is my first time doing this with GTK so I've spent
the week spinning in circles mostly, but I finally got somewhere. If jhs is not
available to help I would really appreciate if someone does.

То point out at the beginning I haven't taken care of the memory still and some
haven't really aligned the code, but I plan to do that at the end.

At the moment we have a part of the function opening "" include files, another
part opening <> files immediately if there is no other with the same name/path
in the project, and a part that if there are more of the files named the same
in the project, displays a list of the files in a dialog so the user can choose
which file to open.

So I kind of got stuck with getting the selection. I've tried a few approaches,
trying to get the selection trough gtk_tree_model_get , then with
gtk_dialog_run and doing it afterwards when the button is clicked, also some
other successful stuff.

My other patch for feature:;
also depends on this, so if I finish this I finish both :)


The feature got very big, you can check the code here

Thanks for everybody in the community that are always ready to help.
I blogged about Desktop Summit and the experience if you want to read

p.s Diego, check the solution, if you are interested ;) It was there
before us all the time :)

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