Weekly Work Summary- Week 12 (Last Week!)

Onscreen Keyboard- Weekly Report 12

For this last week on the keyboard I have focused on cleaning up some of the code in keyboard.js and layout.js, as well as getting the Gtk module working. First off, I wrote a clean-up method for the Gtk module, so that when the Gtk module is unloaded the private variables will be reset. Then, I tried to figure out how to set the window repositioning by cursor position (this could definitely be improved, since I've noticed it's still off by a few pixels). There was a bit of a problem when I was trying to use the Bus. proxy_sync method, so as you may have noticed we updated to Vala 0.13.1 in order to fix these compilation errors. Some of the smaller things I focused on included getting the message tray button to work properly, since there were some old bugs cropping back up from the last rebase that I definitely wanted to squash before today, and pushing a Caribou patch to Eitan. Additionally, he recently told me that he has updated the caribou module to include the gtk-module branch (for more information see: https://github.com/danwinship/caribou).

Today I was looking into the focus changes for showing/hiding the keyboard properly within the shell, and I think I've gotten it to a good point though there are definitely more improvements to be made!

This last week of my internship I've gotten the keyboard to a point that I think could definitely be pushed to GNOME 3.2. It's been wonderful working with all of you, and I am excited to meet you at the Boston Summit this year (which I will definitely try to go to). Although, I have put my pencil down for the moment if there are any questions/concerns with the code that I need to address before the 3.2 release please feel free to message me at this email address or find me at #gnome-shell, #gnome-women, #gnome-hackers.


Nohemi Fernandez

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