Adding Positional Tags to Shotwell: Weekly Report 11


[NOTE: You can see a Spanish version of this mail in my personal blog, ]

Last week I've continued correcting bugs in the tool:
This could appear to be really not much work, but I also spend time looking for the reason of #3896 to try to report it to Unity and/or Vala.

And I've also got bad news: Although Faces tool is already in Shotwell's master branch it will not be available in the next Shotwell 0.11 because

"Shotwell team thinks that this is a promising feature but is not actually so useful yet because we don't yet have either automatic face recognition or the ability to upload faces to Flickr and Facebook.  Second, there are still a number of issues to resolve (search our Redmine bug tracker for the subject "face" to see them all) and we have only a couple of weeks left until we ship 0.11, so we think the schedule is just too tight.  Some of the display issues on Ubuntu Natty/Oneiric might be especially tricky.

We're still looking forward to shipping Faces in 0.12." [Quoting Adam Dingle]

So, I will spend this week trying to fix those mentioned bugs --feel free to try the tool ( instructions to compile here ) and also feel free to share your impressions or report bugs if you find any.


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