GVFS AFP Backend - Weekly Report 10-11


During the last two weeks I've been working on implementing Move support using
the AFP native FPMoveAndRename command. Using this command instead of
relying on the GIO fallback code greatly enhances the performance of the
move operation since we use the native move operation instead of copying the data
back and forth through the client.

Other things I've done:
During the next week I'll try to implement copy in the same way as move was implemented.
In doing this I'll have to figure out how to best share the code between move and copy
since much of it will be similar. Another question to solve is if I also have to write
fallback code for copying directories since the AFP command FPCopy only supports

As usual all code can be found at: https://github.com/c-a/gvfs/tree/AFP

Best regards,

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