Weekly report week 10

This week I continued working on the "open file at cursor" feature. I made the changes my mentor proposed in the last review, but failed with doing the addition he suggested. I was supposed to query the project manager and get all the files named as the include file I want to open and ask the user to choose his own to open from within the project.
I didn't really find some clever solution, as all I tried didn't really work the way I wanted. I tried with a getting children from the project manager interface, tried with some list, nothing gave the satisfying result. One thing I think is a gain from this week is the fact that I learned a lot about the UI, operating hash tables and GFiles.
As I said I read and tried trough many things, and learned tons new tools I can use as GNOME developer.
I also got really familiar with Anjuta code now, and I don't want to present silly and simple code, I want to live up the expectation of the developers (which as I can see to reach I have so much more work to do).

I had endless line of problems with the trip to Berlin for the Desktop Summit. I am writing this from the road, in Greece where I had to go to fly to Berlin from. There was no convenient flight from Skopje, buses to Thessaloniki got canceled and so on, so took so much of my attention last week.

See you the day after tomorrow, at the Desktop Summit.
Can't wait!!!

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