Weekly report #10 - Porting Jokosher

Hi everyone!

Had quite a challenging week. As I wrote in previous report, Gstreamer
developers slowly but surely moves their focus on 0.11 series. In
result lot of classes and objects with GObject Introspection enabled
are supported only there (not in current stable 0.10 series). But it
also means that it's development version and have lots of incomplete
parts and interesting defects. One such bug is that when using
Gst.ElementFactory.make() for creating gst elements - it's removing
created GstElement right after it's created - but Python object is
still available and accessing it results with segfault. It could be
caused either by transfer ownership configured wrongly in gst
annotations (which defines how you can access library API using GI),
or by some strangely triggered bug in pygobject (I can create
GstPlugin with Gst.Registry.get_default().find_plugin()). Some
Gstreamer developers suggested that it could be caused by "floating"
refs - GstObject, which derives from GObject, can have no owner, and
therefore have reference without belonging to some parent. This will
be a major thing I will try to fix this week so I can continue with
Jokosher porting.

Peteris Krisjanis.

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