Re: IMPORTANT: Start of coding: what you need to do to keep the admins happy!

Hi everyone,

2010/5/23 Ruben Vermeersch <ruben savanne be>:
> Like last years, you will have to send us a weekly report about your
> activities. You'll also have to maintain a wiki page with all the
> details of your project.
> All details about this can be found here:

I just modified that page to mention that the weekly report email
shouldn't be just a link to a blog entry (if you made one), it has to
contain the actual text of your report (even if it's just a copy and
paste of a blog entry you link to).

Also, don't forget to be nice to Frederic Peters, he can give great
visibility to what you're doing. So "don't be late in your reports, do
include a git shortlog
of your activity, and if you're not on, do include every
week the URL of your repository." (quoting him).

Thanks everyone, keep up the good work!


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