Gnome Shell Message Tray Weekly Report 01

Hello everyone!

My long-form first report can be found here on my blog:

But I'll summarize quickly here for those who don't feel like following
the link.

This week was a learning and planning week.  I got a very basic
icon/interaction system working for rhythmbox to learn more of the
gnome-shell internals, and that was exciting and new, and made me learn
more of how javascript works.

The next week largely depends on the input of the main developers, as I
try and figure out how to proceed.  The message tray isn't completely
thought out yet, so, I'm glad I get a chance to have some creative
input.  It's also really interesting seeing the power of interpreted
languages like javascript, the way it can generate it's own functions
and whatnot.  I've seen things like that with lisp, but, never known how
to use them correctly.

I hope we'll get the non system icons moved to the tray and have decided
on at least a rough plan for interacting with them by the end of the

-Matt Novenstern

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