TaskView: (was "Improving the desktop experience with the "Task" and "TaskMonitor" D-Bus API") : Weekly Report 1


This week I've written the first part of my support library. The API for
the application developer is completed except the setting for callbacks.
On the D-Bus side all properties of a TaskView, the methods are only
stubs for the above mentioned reason.

On the TaskView Monitor side there is a bus watching, preliminary data
structures and logic implemented.

Additional I've written the D-Bus Interface specification, which is
without documentation at the moment. But they should be self

A little side note for everybody using signals in C with GLib: 
Double check your callbacks and their parameters. ;)

Next week I will finish the support library, except the fallback
solution and the bullet proof thread safety.

Also I invest some time in the TaskView Monitor, mainly the internals
like creating proxy objects and managing them. 

Some note for other developers:

During the analysis phase I looked at tons of various libraries and
tools for D-Bus within C. There was a horde of unfinished, incomplete,
bugged or just unusable libraries.

But there are good news: gdbus, which is at the moment integrated in
glib. It is very feature complete and very nice to use. Brings the dbus
fun back to C ;)


P.S. The code lives here at the moment:

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