Cheese Weekly Report - Week 5

Late report. But I did get quite a bit done!

Last week...

1. Video Effects file format reader
2. Live Preview of Effects! (YAY!)
3. Effect files added

Live Preview took most of my time. We bought down CPU usage from ~90%
to a more manageable ~50%. Cleaned up code a bit (still needs more
cleanup). It is rather very 'demoable', provided you gloss over the

Coming up next week would be...

1. Even less CPU Usage! We're now even with current Cheese (which does
not give you live previews). I want to bring this down even more.
2. Reduced latency for switching operations. Moving between
effects/screens now has more than a second of latency. I should reduce
this to much lesser than a second.
3. Code cleanup. Some of the C code is a mess - needs to be cleaned up much.
4. Error fixing. You can now crash it by looking at it at a 58 degree
angle, during new moon days. Bugs like these will be fixed.

Cya in a week, with a very-usable Cheese! I'll post a screencast as
soon as I've made Cheese a bit more sexy :)

Yuvi Panda T

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