Anjuta Snippets Manager - weekly report #5

Hey guys,

    Will start, as usual, by mentioning that my weekly report can be
viewed on my blog [1] and the repo can be found on github [2].

    * What have I done this week ?

    As I said last week, I proposed to myself to make a basic Snippets
Browser to show the database and implement the GUI prototype which I
shown in my last weekly report (#4). Shocking enough, but I managed to
pull off those 2 tasks (not mentioning the fact that I had to rewrite
the TreeModel for the Snippets Database 2 times this week).

    As you can see in the next 2 screenshots [3] [4], this is how the
Snippets Browser looks right now. There isn't an arrow as in the GUI
prototype last week, but rather a toggle button (the one with the edit
icon), because, as Johannes said, it's not necessarily the user will
have the Snippets Browser on the left.

   A few explanations of the screenshots:
    ** Right now only Delete and Insert works (delete erases the
selected item - and recursively the snippets if the selected item is a
snippets group. Had some problems with the memory, but after some
debugging, it should be free'd properly right now). Add will be
implemented when I make the Editor.
    ** The plugin will have a preference that will allow showing just
the snippets that support the language of the current document (so it
won't show python snippets if the current document is a C++ file).
    ** The edit button is a toggle one (as I said). Pushing it once
makes the Snippets Browser maximize (it takes up all the space of the
Anjuta UI) and pushing it again makes the exact same layout come back
(so by pressing the edit button 3 times it will go exactly screenshot1
-> screenshot2 -> screenshot1).
    ** When I will make the SnippetsEditor widget it will be inside
the frame on the right and will be sync'd with the selected item of
the browser.
    ** Will add the support of showing the browser on the right and
the editor on the left if the user has it's browser placed on the
right (if the user has the browser on the left, bottom, center or top
it will up on the left as in the screenshot).
    ** By pressing the "Add" button should make a popup appear with 2
options "Add Snippet ..." and "Add Snippets Group ...". Didn't wanted
to have 2 add buttons (one for a snippet and one for a snippets group)
since I felt that will burden the UI with too many buttons.
    ** Right now, the maximizing works with any position of the
Snippets Browser in the un-maximized layout.

    * What I will do next week ?
     For the next week, I will try to replace the red big text right
there with an actual editor :) (and a few more details that come with
the editor, but I don't know exactly what - mainly the editor should
be mostly done until this + some other stuff).


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