buildj - report #2

Hi team,

A little later than planned, this is a quick look at the previous week
in buildj, the new build specification for GNOME...

To find out more, check and see my blog,

The code lives in my 'features' git branch, awaiting review.

    pkg-config file generation:
    We aim to generate .pc files automatically for installed libraries. This
    involves adding some new fields to the specification.

    Add 'description' field for targets:
    It's better to have a description field per-target rather than re-using
    a single overall description. This field may also be used later for
    .desktop file generation etc.
    If not specified, no Description line is produced.

    Construct a slightly better Name field:
    This makes use of both the top-level name and the target name. We may
    want to introduce a 'name' field that overrides this later.

    Start on .desktop file generation support
    This is currently run for all 'program' targets. We will want this
to be run only
    for GUI app targets eventually, and icon etc. support is desirable.

Work continues on dependency and dependency auto-installation. Look
out for a blog post where I'll talk about the issues. More about this
in the next report!

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