TaskView: (was "Improving the desktop experience with the "Task" and "TaskMonitor" D-Bus API") : Weekly Report 2


here is the second report. The code is available here:

And the portfolio page:

* What have I done this week?

This week I worked mainly on the TaskMonitor and got the basics working,
in other words the detection of available TaskViews and the proxy
creation and observing.

On the promotion side, I already talked with some developers about
integration patches, also the Nautilus UI Improvements discussion is on
my radar. 

* What will I do next week?

As I have to write two midterm exams next week, I will focus on clean up
and re-factoring my code and add some documentation. 

The week after I will focus on a GUI for the TaskView project.

* Looking back on the previous report, how accurate was your planning? 

I underestimated the workload a bit. The reason of that was with
creation of the TaskMonitor I triggered some bugs in the support
libraries and vice-versa. 

* Hint of the week:

GObject properties with the flag G_PARAM_CONSTRUCT_ONLY are not within
the init method available. If you want to use them you have to write
you're own "constructed" method and link that within the class init.
( gobject_class->constructed = your_class_constructed; )


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