Anjuta Snippets Manager weekly report #2

Hello guys,

    This week I am quite busy with a very difficult exam, so I haven't
done that much and, sadly, won't be available for coding until 9th of
June. After that, exams will get a bit easier and I will have much
more time available for coding until now. As this weekly report isn't
that interesting, I haven't made a blog post (so it's not on
planet.gnome also).

    But still, that doesn't mean I haven't done anything. For those
that don't remember, the Anjuta Snippets Manager plugin can be found
on github [1].

    The few days I managed to code this week I did some useful stuff
for the back-end:
     - Slightly re-designed the structure of the SnippetsDB.
     - Defined most of the useful methods for the SnippetDB (like
adding/removing/updating/querying) and tested them as much as I could
at this point.
     - Solved some memory problems I haven't noticed until this point.
     - Now the SnippetsDB implements GtkTreeModel - not tested. This
was one of the goals for this week, but haven't managed to pull off
the other goal.

    For the next week, as it won't be a full week for me (exam on 8th
of June), I will try to make my plugin ready for insertion, as most of
the back-end work required for that is done right now.


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