GSoc: Zeitgeist weekly report #9

Hey everyone!

This week I was working on porting zeitgeist-datahub to Vala[1], so it included: - porting the process itself, while dropping some of the API which was not used - I also found a problem in the old recently-used data-provider which caused that anything pushed to GtkRecentManager by Open Office was ignored by our data-provider - this was fixed during the rewrite - implementing support for the DataSourceRegistry Zeitgeist extension into libzeitgeist - Mikkel also had time to review the API addition to libzg and (after fixing a couple of issues) it is now in trunk[2] - a small patch to Vala's vapigen, as the latest version broke a feature we used in libzg - I also hated how long it takes GAJ to start, so I was profiling it and fixed a bug which made it faster (but it still has a long way to go)

Seif was already telling me that he has something I should work on the next week, but was secretive about it, so I don't really know what I'll be working on... But I'd like to make a few changes to Sezen again (it can also use a couple of speedups).

Unfortunately I'm not coming to GUADEC, so wish you guys lots of fun there, I'll try to be at least virtually present (I wonder if there'll be streaming...)

Michal Hruby


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