GTK+ refactoring: Weekly Report 09


Sorry for the delay in the latest reports. Altougth I have some
interesting stuff to share ;)

What have I done these lastest weeks:

- The first big chunk of my refactor branch was merged! This is about
150 patches applied to the current GTK+ master. Some bugs appeared
after the merge but I tried to solve them as fast as I can. [1], [2],
[3]. So, if you found a bug, please, report it!

- Attending GTK+ meeting [4]. We talked about how to move the
GtkAdjustment members to private structure.
  Also talked about adding GtkSrollbar marks in GTK+. I helped with
the patch after the meeting
- Add -Bsymbolic-functions support (#P12 in the GTK+3 tasks [5]), so
GTK+ can drop all the g*alias PLT hackery. All the GTK+ and GDK object
was patched to use the new system.
- Submitted a patch to use GSlice in GtkRequisition.
- Deprecate and remove GtkWindow:allow-grow and
GtkWindow::allow_shrink properties, now you should only use
- Cleanup work:
  - Remove GdkWindowObject public structure. Also added the new
gdk_window_has_native() function to not use it in internal code.
  - Remove GdkFont completely. No deprecated code remains in GDK now :).
  - Remove GtkNotebookPage and GtkBuildChild deprecated deprecated
structures and fix GTK+ internals to not use them outside their own
- Move some widgets documentation to inline comments.
- Fixed some GTK+ bugs and close some bugs reports.
- Help some modules to be GNOME3 compilant.

What will I do next week?
- Attend GUADEC!! :)
- I'm in the GUADEC-ES rigth now, but I'll try to work on some
conflictive widgets and also talk with my mentor directly so He can
help me in the most tricky ones.
- Continue helping on cleaning the GNOME platform for the GNOME 3 release

See you all at GUADEC!



Javier Jardón Cabezas

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