All work and no play makes you boring. So it's time for some play,

In case you don't know it (where have you been?), GUADEC is *THE* GNOME
conference: http://guadec.org/index.php/guadec/index

And it's extremely good fun to hang out with all the GNOME rockstars.

We've made a small survey, could all of you please fill it in (even if
you are not attending): http://bit.ly/aF6vJf Should only take 30 seconds
but it will help us organize things.

We've also been allocated a slot for student lightning talks. These are
short presentations (5, 10 or 15 minutes, to be decided) where each
student gets the opportunity to present his/her work. Midterm is just
behind us so this shouldn't be a problem. It's also a good way to get a
lot of interest (and become, like we promised, our next rockstar :-)).
All of this still has to be organized though, more on that later.

Please fill in the form, we'd love to see all of you there!

   Your friendly GSoC admins.

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