Sunday 4th July - Weekly Report 06

Hi Everyone,

This week has been slightly better than previous weeks as I've managed
to make some progress with my project.

Below is the weekly report which you can find at [0].

What I've done this week:

This week I've been busy trying to get my score instrument working
within Jokosher and after a lot of help from Elleo (my mentor) I now
have a score instrument that emits correctly when it's added to the
Jokosher InstrumentViewer. My lack of experience contributed to me
getting confused about the scope of the emit as I had first tried to
emit from the constructor (which obviously doesn't work!) and then
having moved it to its own function, I attempted to emit it before the
InstrumentViewer had been created. Elleo offered guidance with it and
helped me get it working. There's a screenshot of it at [1].

I've also finished the MusicXML source element after some more help from
Elleo as I couldn't figure out why the Bus was failing when the score
was created. It turns out I'd misunderstood what size meant in the
context of do_create in Gstreamer source elements. So after he explained
what was wrong I managed to implement changes that lead to a source
element that works correctly (fingers crossed). 

During the week I've been playing with Pango and Cairo to get a
Stave/Notes rendered. I'm not sure if Pango is the way I will go in the
end but it's good to at least test it and see if it works. 

Plans for next week:

Next week I'll hopefully have a stave rendering correctly inside the
instrument and some rudimentary ability to add notes.

What I've learned:

Another set of eyes can be invaluable especially if you spend a few
hours on something getting more and more frustrated when it doesn't
work. A second set of eyes can spot the mistakes that you might not see
for a long time. I've also discovered I'm not always wrong when it comes
to what I try and do to fix things but I need to take a step back and
consider things more before pushing ahead. 

[0] -
[1] -

Thanks for reading,

David Williams
Extending Jokosher to include a Musical Notation Editor

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