GSoC: Zeitgeist weekly report #6

Hey everyone,

this week I've been working mostly on the Vala port of Sezen[1], and this is what I did:

* implemented subclass of GtkCellRendererPixbuf, which uses a signal that is emitted when the pixbuf is rendered for the first time and therefore allows us to avoid unnecessary loading of thumbnails which wouldn't be displayed anyway (a generic pixbuf is used the first time - ie. "gtk-file" / "gtk-missing-image"). * accepted Seif's challenge for gnome-panel applet with sezen inside[2] - though he suggested to use the standard Sezen window, but I wanted to go for a more "panely" look and decided to use standard GtkMenu to implement it and then I've been fighting with Gtk to allow me to stuff some non-standard widgets into menu (Entry and scrollable IconView), but in the end I won. (for more info about the panel applet feel free to read [3]) * changed the search implementation in the Vala version of Sezen - now it doesn't treat everything as exact phrase search, instead supports "quoted phrase search".
* worked on further speeding up of the search

Other than Sezen, I also merged into zeitgeist-dataproviders the vim plugin, which I've been using for the past couple of days and already found some issues with it, which I'll try to fix during the next week.

Unfortunately I didn't work on the totem plugin as I planned last week, as it's currently lower on the priority list.

For the next week I was already tasked with Vala rewrite of zeitgeist-datahub to lower the system requirements of running ZG, and once this is done I'll work more on Sezen.


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