TaskView: (was "Improving the desktop experience with the "Task" and "TaskMonitor" D-Bus API"): Weekly Report 12


Report number 12:

* What have I done this week?

      * Re-factored patches for nautilus, epiphany and telepathy:
              * http://github.com/ssickert/epiphany-taskview
              * http://github.com/ssickert/nautilus-taskview
              * http://github.com/ssickert/TaskView/blob/master/src/worker/tp_filetransfer_observer.c
      * Redesigned UI
      * Fixed many bugs and problems
      * Added C Wrappers for all properties
      * Added some D-Bus API documentation
      * Re-enabled notification support

* Roadmap

The core components of the GNOME desktop are patched and ready, however
that's only the beginning. GNOME-Shell integration, emblem support for
nautilus and Zeitgeist integration.

* Acknowledgement

The last months were great! I encountered many nice and helpful people
and learned many new things. I want to thank my mentor, Danielle
Madeley, she helped me a lot and had always a good advice when I had
problems with my project. Furthermore the people from #nautilus,
#gnome-design, #zeitgeist and #gnome-shell gave me great feedback and


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