Re: [Weekly report] Week 2: DVB Daemon

Hi Sebastian,

On Mon, Jun 08, 2009 at 07:16:31PM +0200, Sebastian Pölsterl wrote:
> Last week I concentrated on improving the Totem plugin. I added a DVB
> menu which provides access to the channel scanner, preferences,
> scheduled recordings and the program guide. Everything that
> gnome-dvb-control can do is now also available in Totem.

nice :) 

> I still have to improve the Totem plugin a little bit more, but the core
> functionality is there. When I'm done with that, the plugin will go
> upstream.

It would be cool to have an OSD in Totem giving information about
the current program. I guess best would be 4 modes:

1. a small box at the bottom showing the title, program start/end
   and a percentage bar.
2. a box overlaying the whole video giving adding the description
   of the program.
3. another box overlaying the whole video with a list of broadcasts
   starting with the current one.
4. something to switch channels :)

IMHO this would improve the fullscreen mode of Totem.

I will update the Debian package [1] once you release a new version.
I will also go and ask somebody from the pkg-gnome team to upload
it into Debian's repository.

-- Sebastian R.


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