Re: [weekly report] week 1: conduit

Hey Alexandre,

thanks for your report! I'd appreciate if you could write what you are actually trying to achieve. though ;-)

Alexandre wrote:
The problem of loading all modules at startup I solved by creating a module cache. This cache is first created when all modules are loaded and it includes the modification time of each file, so we can reload the cache when something changes. This cache is kept in the user's config directory.
Like $XDG_CONFIG_HOME defined by I feel this is wrong, because a cache is not configuration data at all. I feel that $XDG_CACHE_HOME is a better place to use for a cache.

So far I could not think a situation where this cache would cause problems, but I'm still cautious about it.
Well, a cache could be deleted or corrupted. Be sure to handle those cases gracefully :)

> [...]
Of course, this is all very experimental. I'll push this work into a branch as soon as possible.

Please do :) We love to see code and we love to help if you have problems writing it.

(: Happy Hacking,

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