[weekly report] week 9: libsoup / gnio / ftp


- This week, I don't have a lot to say about my work. I have integrated the ParseFTPList from gvfs, and FTP listing works well, I have just one problem with it, it does not parse file/directory permissions.
- Another problem is about dealing with FTP server, I need to receive a last reply after that the GInputStream is readed (on another stream), so I will write a GInputStream subclass providing a signal when it reach an EOF character or if the caller close it.
- About the API, we have decided that we'll use only _load_uri (sync and async), so if I get a file, it return an inputstream, but if the uri target is a directory, the inputstream will be empty, a function on the inputstream will return a GFileInfo * that define if the inputstream targets a file or a directory, if it's a directory, another function to apply on the stream will return a (GSList *) of (GFileInfo *).

So, the week goal is to write the GInputStream subclass emitting the right signals and providing the right informations (file/directory) to the caller.
If I have enough time, I will hack on the ParseFTPList function to get the permissions.

$ git shortlog --since=07-20-2009
Gabriel Corvalan (10):
      async method completed - first draft
      sync and async methods share same parsing functions
      fix SoupURILoader hash list and add the ParseFTPList files from Mozilla/GVFS
      fix callback bug with soup_uri_loader_load_uri (bad source) and fix some memory leaks
      add some sanity check to SoupURILoader + fix the sync call
      add ftp_check_reply to share same parsing code between sync and async methods + add a lot of sanity checks
      add the 2 missing files ParseFTPList.c and ParseFTPList.h
      add get_list virtual method to URILoader class
      first get_list draft using ParseFTPList.h
      remove SoupProtocolFTPReplyCode and use SoupProtocolFTPError instead

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