[weekly report] Week 8: Local map rendering in libchamplain


I finished the network-map-data-source. I added proper network error
handling and the ability to use a proxy server. The main features of my
project are now in place, so I optimized some code parts and removed
public functions, which aren't that useful anymore after the recent changes.
I also resumed work on libmemphis. The rule-set class needs to be
extended, so rules can be queried and changed. This task is still in
progress and it should be finished after this week.

git shortlog
Simon Wenner (13):
      Make champlain_cache_delete_session faster
      Rename session to session_id and install it as property
      Document new cache functions, remove unused param. of
      Warn if image can't be written to the cache and some code cleanup
      Install the api_uri property, use makros instead of casts
      Code formatting
      Remove redundant function call
      Fix various network-map-data-source related problems
      local-rendering-demo: delete session cache only once
      Improve downloading of OSM data
      Add ChamplainBoundingBox, remove unused functions
      Remove 'champlain_memphis_map_source_set_tile_size'
      Draw error-tiles if no map data is available


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