[weekly report] week 7: Pulse


i started to look into other bugtrackers than bugzilla and how to query
them, namely launchpad and debbugs. From my experience so far launchpad
API ... uhm.. isn't that great.

The "ultimate debian database" [0] does collect a lot of information
that is interesting for Pulse as well so I looked what they are doing
(for launchpad bugs they kind of DOS them). Overall learned quite a bit.

While I focus on Bugtrackers there is also other interesting data out
there to collect. So I started collecting packaging status information.
To get the mapping from external bugtrackers to GNOME projects right I
wanted Pulse to know about packages anyway. So some (not that exiting to
be honest) screenshots:

But I think it might be helpful to get an overview over packaging status
for some developers.

I'm looking now into Fedora/Red Hat pkg information gathering.
Bugtracker integration would be easy for those as its "just bugzilla".

Also package gathering is fully configurable via Pulse config system (i
never looked at it before :o) and started to get my other work
configurable too.

Hope I got all I wanted to tell you,

[0] http://udd.debian.net/

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