[final report] Local map rendering in libchamplain

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Here are my final commits for this GSoC. There is only one notable
change: The champlain-memphis-map-source no longer depends on a default
rules XML file.

$ git shortlog --since=2009-08-10
Simon Wenner (7):
      Docu: *_set_* always before *_get_*
      set all priv vars to NULL after unref in dispose
      Remove champlain_map_data_source_new
      Use ClutterColor for memphis_map_source_{g,s}et_background_color
      Remove the dependency on a default rules file.
      Update description of ChamplainMemphisMapSource
      Remove unused includes

All main goals of my project are implemented and work. Libchamplain can
now draw maps from OpenStreetMap XML data with customized drawing rules.

Roadmap: http://foregroundnoise.wordpress.com/gsoc-2009/

Known Issues:
- - There is one known minor bug. Libmemphis can render tiles at any size,
but only 256x256 can be used in libchamplain, because switching between
map sources with different tile size causes memory corruption. Bigger
tiles could lead to better drawing performance.
- - libmemphis is copied into the champlain source tree.
- - Some renderer (libmemphis) features are missing (e.g. point of
interest data).

The Future:
I have not planned to disappear after the GSoC. I want to make sure that
my code can be merged. First, I will push libmemphis to a release, so it
can be removed from the champlain tree. Second, I will add some of the
missing libmemphis parser/renderer features.

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