[final report] Pulse

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a nice time, like I had.

The Last Week

 * spread some comments, bugfixes and cleanup here and there
 * activity graph is animated (though for me it only was really smooth 
   with google chrome)
 * a new tab displaying an issues overview of a project
 * noticed that I tend to write actifity instead of activity :(
 * the wsgi script now can start with cherrypy using --cherrypy
   argument, enabling automatic reload of changed files. It also
   warns now about using it might be a bad idea :)

Florian Ludwig (17):
      [pulse.css] activity graph css fixes
      [html.py] cleanup html
      [pulse.js] activity graph comments box fadeout
      [pulse.wsgi] Add License Header
      display more information about bug changes
      remove unused code, add comments, fix copyright
      animate activity graph and optimizations
      actifity graph checkbox usability / fix
      [packages.py] Tab ordering: move Packages Tab down
      [pulse.js] bugfix typo
      refactor IssueTracker handling into classes
      use cherrypy for wsgi test server
      move issue html formating into issues modules
      add issues overview
      [activity.py] bugfix activity graph
      issue_tracking: fix bugzilla.redhat.com collection
      [pulse.wsgi] add warnings about usage

The overall process

* New Features Under The Hood

Pulse now collects information from bugzilla.gnome.org,
bugzilla.redhat.com and bugs.debian.org
(works with bugzilla2 and bugzilla3, so old bugzialle.g.o as well as the
 new one)

Pulse can collect Package information from .deb based distributions like
debian and ubuntu (only those tested, others work probably too). Also
for .rpm based that use the http://createrepo.baseurl.org/ standard for
repositories. This included redhat / fedora. But again, probably more.

Also Pulse parses .doap files now.

Experimental .wsgi interface with rocking-debug support making
developing way more fun. Based on wsgi toolkit "werkzeug"

* New Things In The www-Interface

Two new tabs "Issues" and "Packages" giving an overview over there
respective topics.

The activity tab was rewritten a lot. Images are no longer prerendered,
the activity graph and the event list below change interactive when
changing the selected topics.

The project/branch overview now displays homepage and bugtracker links.

* Miscellaneous 

Some bugfixing / refactoring based on Shaun's "applications" branch.

* Whats about ...

Other issue/bug tracker - like launchpad? I did a survey at the
beginning of gsoc to get a picture which trackers might be from most
interested and planned to to make sure Pulse works with at least two. It
seemed that launchpad is popular and several people already check it for
bugreports and "use it anyway". bugs.debian.org and fedora/redhat scored
high(er), especially on the ratio of importance/checking_it_already

I did had a look how to query launchpad anyway but the API is not
designed to ask for more than bug at a time. Other people do collect all
bugs from launchpad by asking all bugs each with one request. While not
hard to write it doesn't give you a nice performance nor Canonical will
love you for it :)

Now launchpad got open sourced so I think this issue get solved quicker
and Pulse can be extended to it much easier.

The Future

The next two month or so I have to commit myself more to university work
again but I plan to keep contributing to Pulse and GNOME in general. My
plans for Pulse:

 * improve front-end for the issue tracker part (there are several 
   information collected that are not used at all)

Not related to my gsoc work directly:
 * bugfixing the "application branch"
 * performance improvements
 * some refactoring under the hood (that I mentioned before)
 * and one bigger plan: search - something that might be really cool, 
   planing with Shaun began.

Florian Ludwig <dino phidev org>

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