[Final report] nautilus: add google documents support

Hi all for this last weekly report,

During this summer I have hacked mainly on 2 project which are GVFS and libgdata. Concerning libgdata, I added the google documents service and it's now in the master branch[1] functional even if there are still a few bugs. As far as GVFS is concerned, I have an alpha version (accessible here [1]) of the gdocs backend which isn't really usable for final users yet (even if I got everything working last week), but don't worry I am going to make it working well in the coming weeks! All the functions are implemented, I now need to stabilize it in order to hopefully get it merged in GVFS.

I also hacked a little bit on nautilus to support the new backend (almost nothing).

I want to thanks all the persons who helped me for the project on the different IRC chats, and a special thanks to Philip Withnall who help me all the summer for the libgdata part, and of course to my mentor Christian Kellner even if he was very busy this last weeks ;)

[1]  http://git.gnome.org/cgit/libgdata/
[2] http://github.com/thiblahute/gvfs/tree/googledocuments

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