[Weekly report] Week 11 : Allow Tracker to index online resources

Hi there
this week I began to code a bridge to import twitter status. This
involved extending the NMO ontology with the help of John Carr. The
bridge is untested yet since I didn't have access to the internet
(that's why this report is late).
I also split my work in different git repos to make it building with
systems like jhbuild easier. Along with the recent autotools support
this should make testing easy.
This week I'll try to improve the Tracker code which manages the bridges.



Shortlog :

*** bridge-facebook ***
Adrien BUSTANY (2):
      Associate nmm:Photo with nfo:RemoteDataObject
      Fix typo in error message

*** bridge-flickr ***
*** bridge-gdata ***
Adrien BUSTANY (2):
      Fix typo
      Fix typo in error message

*** bridge-manager ***
Adrien BUSTANY (3):
      Add missing autogen
      Fix loading of bridges files
      Make error more visible to the user (in a modal dialog)

*** libtrackerbridge ***
*** vapi ***
Adrien BUSTANY (3):
      Create a small repo with vapi files necessary for using Tracker
      Add a binding for twitter-glib
      Replace the install.sh by a simple Makefile

*** ontologies ***
Adrien BUSTANY (4):
      Create a repo to host modified ontologies
      nmo : Add a StatusMessage class
      Add a small install script to make life easier

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