[weekly report] Week 11: Python and GObject-Introspection


Last week, my goal was to get a GUPnP example working
(http://dpaste.com/76214/). I made it, but it turned out GUPnP wasn't
annotated as I thought, and I had to annotate the functions I used.

PyGObject is now aware of introspected objects and can wrap them too.

To achieve that, I had to export a C API from pygi. However, since
pygobject and pygi are still two separate modules, I had to trick to
avoid circular dependencies, so the pygi import in pygobject is "lazy".

I also discovered that our current implementation of structures is
wrong. I spent the weekend thinking about an elegant solution but I
haven't found a convincing one yet. So, our plan for the world
domination is postponed a little bit.

If I count well, there is only one week to go. This week, I'll try to
get those structures and boxed types working. Then, I'll need some more
tests, and I think adding a test module in PyGObject's tree would be
useful, rather than using the one in GObject-Introspection that is
designed to test the typelib compiler.

See you next week for the last report!


Simon van der Linden <simon vanderlinden agora eu org>

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