[weekly report] week 10: libsoup / gnio / ftp


First, sorry for this late repport, I totally forget to write it yesterday because I was at a birthday ^^

So, about this week, it was a bad bad week for me...

I have started trying to implement my GInputStream subclass, but I was doing wrong,
with the help of my mentor, he explain me that I must use the GFilterInputStream as
base class. So, I have lost a lot of time ... but now I have started to implement it, and I
am on the right way now. :)

This week, I have discuss with Danw about the permission, and as he said, permission
is useless since we cannot clearly know "whoami" on the server. So the Mozilla implementation
is fine.

About the GSList returned by directories, it will be stored in a GFileInfo holded by the inputstream
that my URILoader provide.

I hope to finish that this week to use my URILoader on libgweather.

I was very discouraged this week, with so many trouble, but a great mail arrived friday afternoon.
José Dapena Paz ( from Igalia ) sent me a mail about my SoupURILoader, it seems that my work
could be used by a mail client on Maemo. :)

So, I have nothing else to explain today, I am hot as hell to write good code this week.
I don't want weeks like this anymore !


( About commit digest, I don't paste anything, everything done must be rewrite. My worst gsoc week ! :( )

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