[weekly report] week 10: mail as a desktop service

Lots of work this week.

The FolderList api is in a mostly-working state.  Currently supports
fetching from the server and updating the list of folders and their
message counts.

The api is stable enough right now to write code based on it.  Ryan
Lortie has been writing a simple application to show this information as
well as helping out with some of the more complex aspects of the code
such as the merging algorithm.

Code has been tested with dovecot and Gmail.

      Modify Account obj for FolderNode compatibility
      Making FolderNode stuff work
      testing process: mostly-working state
      Forgot to add foldernode.py to last commit
      Account.ListFolderWithCounts works
      Changed DBus namespace from MailTest to Mail
      FolderNode no longer returns the top level folder
      Cleaning: remove FolderNode.get_status ()
      Added Account.sync_folders ()
      Cleaning imports in frontend.py
      Adding config file support
      Stop printing config to stdout
      Messages and Unseen counts now update on merge
      Added note about signals
      Removing old testing code from bottom of file
      cleanup: removed unused add_to_tree function
      Starting work on recursive folder listing
      Registering a watch generates information updating
      Watch causes inforation sync
      modified Changed signal
      Added copyright header to files
      Added support for multiple accounts
      Remove accidental code
      Fixed multi-account and non-existant folder bugs

Ian Marcinkowski
ian desrt ca
Gnome - Mail as a Desktop Service

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