[weekly report] week 10: Raw processing in f-spot

This week I fully focused on making the RAW processing experience
smooth, which meant nailing a lot of bugs and annoyances in F-Spot. This
includes some very trivial but longstanding issues, like the ability to
export RAW files directly to Flickr, without having to process it
manually first.

I've set up a tracking bug:

This bug is linked to all bugs that will be fixed when merging my branch
(which I intend to do after the upcoming F-Spot release). These linked
bugs can be seen here:

The end result is a fairly smooth experience, with some issues left,
like a mysteriously high memory usage, despite disposing everything
correctly and valgrind not showing leaks in the native code.

For now however, I will focus on something different, but equally
important: repeatable editing. Instead of doing destructive edits, this
will make the processing repeatable and tweakable, a very important
needed feature for advanced processing. That's the plan for the upcoming


Ruben Vermeersch (rubenv)

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