[Thibault Saunier] introduction (you can delete the first one!)

Hey everyone,

I am Thibault Saunier, a student in EPSI (private school of computer sciences). I am coming from Lyon in France, and 'll be studding in Valparaiso in Chile for my 4th year of study. I should be graduated in 2011.

I have been fan of open source softwares for 7 years now and started using gnome in 2003, I can't quit it anymore!! I have been quite active on the French ubuntu ' community for a few years.

For my gnome soc 2009 project, I 'll add the possibility to gnome users to access their Google Documents via the nautilus file manager. For that, I will hack on libgdata, GVFS and nautilus. (you can find a longer explanation here: http://socghop.appspot.com/student_project/show/google/gsoc2009/gnome/t124022405031 )

I don't have a blog, but I am going to describe my project advancements here: http://live.gnome.org/thiblahute/Gsoc2009 , I hope I can update it soon! I am very exited by the experience I am gonna live!

You can reach me on IRC as thiblahute or email me as you want.



PS: Sorry about my first Introduction mail, I didn't mean sending it since it was a draft.

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