Conduit & iPod module - Report 8 & 9

I´m sorry I didnt sent a report last week. I went back to my college last monday to solve some issues, and I couldnt send the report. When I went back to my house thursday, the internet wasnt working, and it still isnt. I have called my ISP multiple times, and they only say they´ll send  a tecnician, but noone comes. I´m in a lan house now, so I could send this email.
While I couldnt work on my project while I was in my college, I did a lot of work in the week before, and after I came back.
I finished most of the code to convert media using GStreamer. I took the advice from John Stowers to get something to work first, then add more complicate things. Unfortunately I had to remind me of that lots of times.
When I started to implement it inside Conduit, I noticed I would have to use two passes for some encodings, which gives much better quality for small size videos, such as those in the iPod. When it got too complicated, I decided it should be added later, so I saved parts of that code and removed support for now, I can later add it again when it is fully tested.
I´m trying to run some tests on the code now, but the tests availiable in Conduit needs to download some files to test, which I couldnt do without the internet. I think I can get some of my own files to test it. 
I´m gonna work on the iPod module to detect supported files, and to convert only those required. I dont know yet how to get details on a h264 stream, such as if it conforms to the so called "baseline profile" that Apple invented.
I also couldnt merge my code to my branch yet, but I will as soon as possible.

Alexandre Rosenfeld

EngComp 06 - USP São Carlos

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